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Raushu Warrior

Raushu Warrior by Khaoz

The Raushu warriors are the most feared creatures on the planet. While the massive monsters from the poisoned ocean pose a great threat in numbers, they are rarely thought of as cruel and most of the times the terrible earthquakes that precede their marches allow most of the inhabitants to move away. The Raushu warriors though are considered both cruel and dangerous, especially because they do not  announce their coming. Many of their murders take place without anyone expecting and no one ever can actually know for sure who was the killer, although it’s common knowledge that their acrobatic abilities and life of terror and overextended training gives them all the qualities they need to be invisible.

Contrary to this reputation, The Raushu are actually known for being iron miners, and only a select few ever get the honor of becoming warriors. Selected as children for their uncanny abilities, they lead a life of training in facilities only they know of. Becoming one of them takes enormous amount of dedication and self-discipline.

The Raushu

Raushu identification stone - by Khaoz

The Raushu are the most violent nation of the entire Blue Stone planet. Their desire for survival is almost defined by their desire to conquest. Since their land was poisoned centuries ago they only see their survival being fulfilled by continuously trying to acquire new territories at any cost. Even though their land is currently large enough to hold 10 times the population and they already have major problems holding off the savage creatures in many areas in their own country.