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Legends speak of an unusual traveler that haunts the dunes of the planet, appearing every now and then in the most unexpected places. Rumors have spread across the four nations about the one who is always on the run, who never sits still and, as folk would say it, never sleeps. No one knows who he is and many doubt he even exists, but there are those who claim to have met him once. No one has ever met him twice as he is very hard to find and, since he’s always on the run, the changes of bumping into him are slim at best. Chances of surviving the encounter are even smaller.

Those who have survived said he calls himself Phramo’or and, while he looks like a Ke’pikar, he can survive anywhere on the planet, even at the bottom of the poisoned ocean if he wanted to. Legend says he’s one of the descendents of the Ke’pikar ancestors, who would not know farming or caring for each other, would not live in houses or caves, but simply toughen up to survive out there, in any environment, day and night. Every would-be adventurer who has ever met him and lived to tell the tale, has been seen wearing lavish clothes and spending large amounts of money in the cities afterwards. As they say it, should you meet Phramo’or and get to talk with him, he’ll buy every item you have on you at the estimated price. He’ll give you even more on it if he likes you a little.

Of course, all of these are just rumors…

Shakay Supremacy

Young Shakay

Holding the least territory on the planet and being hunted down and killed, the Shakay gathered their life was heading towards extinction in a rapid pace. Leaving their homes and hiding in their new-found cave, they began living like animals, running whenever something approached and feeding of the few plants that survived their poisoned soil. Very few Shakay ever reach adulthood, and even fewer can be called elderly, since once their body gives up and starts faulting, they would either be caught, either fall victim to the poisonous environment they live in.

However, a few decades ago, they noticed their cave has openings on both sides, making their new home the only passage through the high-mountains. Therefore, using precious stones found within the cave they were able to buy tools and training from the other side, as well as hire guards to keep their home safe. Inside the cave, they are not only prosperous, they are thriving. And since each side is desperate for the other side’s resources, they hold the key to the new flourishing economy on the entire planet.