Monthly Archives: February 2013

GOS I – part 4

Sun Rising on Blue Stone

Things are becoming more alive as I walk. I found a few flowers this morning, and the soil is moist and the plants seem more green than I have seen in many… many weeks. I found some fruits that were similar to the strawberries back home. Sure tasted weird, but finding and eating them was such a big spirit boost that I started running in the grass.

While digging for some roots this evening, trying to find something that could keep my famine away for a few days as I wonder in the desert, I found a peculiar rock, sharpened and with something that looked like an insignia on one side. I am pretty sure that there is sentient live on my new home.

Day 6.

GOS I – part 3

Frozen Lake by Khaoz

I got to a lake today. It’s frozen and drinking from it means I have to melt each drop of ice I can scrub. The cold water gave me the chills and a new found force to carry on. This planet seems more alive with each passing moment. It’s like, it’s helping me to get somewhere… I just don’t know where yet.

I am sure now that the planet rotations are faster than at home. There is no way night could follow so fast after day. Unless time somehow moves faster than me. I woke up from being fainted many a time, so my clock isn’t exactly top shape. All my gadgets stopped working when the ship crashed but I feel the need to leave some kind of message for being here. Some kind of mark.

All I can do now is scribble on the ground, letters, faces, just to remind me what I once was… It’s been helping to keep my own track of time, ever since I started it.

Day 5.