Hello everyone! This is the official website for the RPG – OS game GOS I. While I admit that the name was uncreatively chosen, it was set as a statement that the basic concept of the game is to be free and open source! :D

The idea of the game combines many of the beautiful games that I have found thrilling throughout my long years of playing. I’ve always been a computer game fan, but nothing ever compared to the experience that I lived while playing RPG’s. And I mostly mean single player, MMO’s weren’t really my thing. The thrill to unravel a mystery and be the only hero of my own story has always laid a pretty powerful mark on my soul. And so… this game was born.

The main character of the game is an alien who crashes on a planet he generically calls “Blue Stone”, and spends as much time as he can next to the wreckage of his ship, hoping rescue would come. After he finishes all the supply he could salvage from the damaged containers, and his hunger is starting to drive him insane, this is where the game adventure begins.

At first, the player gets to choose the race he can be inside the game. The engine is so built that the races will be different, and not necessarily all human. List of characters will be coming as soon as it’s done :) as it’s my purpose to give each race an experience as different as possible from the other races.

The character will have the entire planet to travel in. This way he will not reach invisible walls, impossible to climb mountains or water with the message “you cannot go further”. While the geometry of the place will be weird, Blue Stone is constructed to be a small planet, small enough for the character to be able to walk around it in his travels.

On the planet, there will be several factions with their own civilization and culture (there are four in concept so far, I will amend this page if necessary in the future). Although their buildings and territories are fixed on the planet, the “spawn” location of the alien (the place where the ship crashes) will be random and will therefore add to the difference of each gameplay. One could land in some faction’s land, and have the people there react toward him in some fashion, or they he could land in neutral ground and have to start from there and so on.

At first, he won’t understand the languages spoken on the planet. The more skilled he gets though, the more of that language he’ll be able to grasp. Understanding more and more words, will help him to bargain better and be trusted with more important quests by the NPC’s. The skill tree will not be available, since it’s built to be extremely complex and has no “do-this-get-that” instructions. In fact, the player will slowly discover that he’s getting good at something while doing it, and that will appear as a skill and be leveled in. That gives the possibility for very unique skill trees, since some players will find a lot of skills and level a little in each, while other will find a few skills that they will be masters at.

One thing the player must remember is to eat from time to time or his speed, hit points and accuracy will be affected.

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  1. Mestaro says:

    Sounds great, looking forward to it. :D

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