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The Ke’pikar

The Ke'pikar Stone

Holding the vastest territory on the planet, the Ke’pikar are filled with pride and self-confidence. Their contact with the other races is pretty large since they are the only one who actually produce food. Because everyone comes asking them for food or water, they consider themselves the “feeders” of the planet. That term is not completely wrong, since their land is the only land fertile enough to sustain agriculture and food that is not poisonous. Their economic power has made them arrogant and they often take life for granted, taking advantage of others and even being dishonest among themselves. Their interest about the other races is very limited, and therefore so is their knowledge. Many of the things they know are myths and legends, making up stories about things they hear from travelers.

Ke’pikar Elder

Ke'pikar Elder

The Ke’pikar are the best workers on the planet. Their vast land allows them to exploit the entire soil with any agriculture potential of the planet. While mostly peaceful, they have been known to hold grudges and even have small skirmishes amongst each other, especially for land or belongings. Since the planet is mostly barren and resources are scarce, their country is viewed as Heaven for all the other races, ans is often visited with not only noble purposes in mind. A military guard had to set in each of their cities. By far, they have the strongest established economy and system on Blue Stone.