Poisoned Coast


The Blue Stone planet was a planet not dissimilar to Earth, pretty round in shape and with an flourishing ecosystem, but not a dominant species. Ages ago a meteor hit the planet at what was to become one of the planet’s poles, nearly crushing it in half. The crater in which it collapsed was one of the greatest seas on the planet, hosting many large creatures of various kinds.

Once the meteor hit, the stress was so great on the planet that it nearly cracked in half. Luckily the metals within were very malleable and provided a chained reaction that reshaped the entire surface and created a huge line of mountains around the Ecuador that rose so high they completely cut access between the two sides of the planet. The sea in which the meteor fell was to become the planet’s only ocean, were all the water from that side of the planet and even a substantial quantity from the other side poured in over the years, forming one gigantic ocean of poisoned water.

The creatures within were mutated and grew even larger to adapt and, while most of them died, the ones who survived were now fighting for the very little resources left to consume on their side of the planet. The most evolved species on the planet at that time, once the meteor hit with new matter from space, also suffered a mutation over the generations, partly because of the new radioactive atmosphere, partly because of their natural urge to adapt, giving birth to pockets of humanoids that were to evolve into the 4 main nations of the planet (the Raushu, the Skakay, the Ke’pikar and the Xiffens).



4 Responses to Poisoned Coast

  1. Anon123423 says:

    All planets are round, just saying.

    • Bluedrop says:

      Very few planets are actually round in the sense we are understanding :)

      Here is the google search for the Earth’s Real Shape:

      Still, being a fantasy planet, it will be “molded” to suit the purpose of the lore :)

      Thank you for your comment and observation!

      • anon123423 says:

        I read through your whole lore bit, quite fascinating. I just found a few things odd such as the “similar to the round shape of the earth”. I am still a bit confused, were you stating that this planet was round in the same fashion as the earth? But yes, all planets are round but by no means in a perfect sphere.

        • Bluedrop says:

          I tried to give the future player an idea of what happened to the planet in the past. Yes, it was roundish like the Earth, but when the meteor hit, the malleable metals inside misshaped it and now it looks more like an asteroid than a planet, even if it’s still able to sustain life.

          From the player’s perspective, as his new home, it’s a planet like any other. And since he can go around it, it seems round for him.

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