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The Xiffens

The Xiffens Stone - by Khaoz

Living in the most controversial zone on the planet, the Xiffens are known to be the most long lived and powerful humanoids on Blue Stone. Their Oasis is their sanctuary and their curse. Growing dependent of the fumes within, they cannot leave the place, but in there they are so connected with the environment that they are almost gods. Their identification stone is plucked from the muddy waters, very smoothly shaped, and their mediation mark is engraved on it by one of the priestesses that has lived long enough and is so in tune with the place she can make rocks melt. Only them can provide such a stone in the muddy oasis.

Xiffen Priestess

Xiffen Priestess

The Oasis found at the opposite pole of the poisoned ocean has given birth to a new environment where wounds heal much faster and the inhabitants live in communion with the nature. The fumes floating around are providing a powerful narcotic effect that affects everything, not just humanoid beings, but plants as well. Whoever lives there is addicted to the air there so he cannot leave, but he will never want for anything. There is no hunger, no thirst, no desire of any kind. Hence, the need for garment is becoming less and less important. People living there are called the Xiffens and they wear very simple thin clothing which, being made by plants grown there, it’s almost alive and it’s more of a symbiotic relationship between the wearer and the clothes than anything else.

The Ke’pikar

The Ke'pikar Stone

Holding the vastest territory on the planet, the Ke’pikar are filled with pride and self-confidence. Their contact with the other races is pretty large since they are the only one who actually produce food. Because everyone comes asking them for food or water, they consider themselves the “feeders” of the planet. That term is not completely wrong, since their land is the only land fertile enough to sustain agriculture and food that is not poisonous. Their economic power has made them arrogant and they often take life for granted, taking advantage of others and even being dishonest among themselves. Their interest about the other races is very limited, and therefore so is their knowledge. Many of the things they know are myths and legends, making up stories about things they hear from travelers.

The Shakay


The Shakay are the most scarred people of the Blue Stone planet. Leaving in the paradise of a beautiful oceanic environment, their life was composed of joy and richness until the day the meteor hit the planet, transforming their ocean into a nucleus of poison and swarm of dangerous, infected creatures. In the past hundreds of years, the Shakay have been driven out of their homes, killed and hunted and took refuge into a large cave, holding very little territory and living in constant fear of being ransacked by creatures or their Raushu neighbors. Since the ocean poisoning, the Raushu have been trying to exterminate them and take hold of the entire territory on their side of the mountains. Hope has risen when the Shakay realized that their cave has openings on both sides of the uncrossable mountains.