The Shakay


The Shakay are the most scarred people of the Blue Stone planet. Leaving in the paradise of a beautiful oceanic environment, their life was composed of joy and richness until the day the meteor hit the planet, transforming their ocean into a nucleus of poison and swarm of dangerous, infected creatures. In the past hundreds of years, the Shakay have been driven out of their homes, killed and hunted and took refuge into a large cave, holding very little territory and living in constant fear of being ransacked by creatures or their Raushu neighbors. Since the ocean poisoning, the Raushu have been trying to exterminate them and take hold of the entire territory on their side of the mountains. Hope has risen when the Shakay realized that their cave has openings on both sides of the uncrossable mountains.

The Shakay Stone

The Shakay Stone – by Khaoz

2 Responses to The Shakay

  1. Bonobons says:

    *their life was composed of joy and richess until *the day the meteor hit the planet

    You might want to fix the spelling errors :P sweet artwork by the way!! :D

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