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GOS I – part 2

Distant Strucure by Khaoz

I walked for countless hours, days… I don’t even know. Hope is slowly leaving my body as I drag my feet across the wasteland. Somehow, I feel that I am closing in to some structure, or it may be just my mind.

I found a small patch of blue grass. Nothing tasted better in my entire life. I wonder… could I have been wrong about all this? Could there be life here somewhere?

Day 2?

Crash site

Crash site

Here comes the first artwork in the game :)

This was meant to show the crash landing of the pilot’s ship. Let me remind everyone who wants to submit any works like this to contact me using the contact page and I will soon get back to you ;)


Blue Stone

My name? I have forgotten it…

There’s very little I remember before the crash. My ship… it’s just a pile of rubble now. I’ve come to get acquainted with my new home planet, the one I’m calling Blue Stone. It’s been weeks since I’ve had anything else to eat other than roots of trees dead long ago.

I find it more and more difficult to survive next to the remains of my ship. I am confident now that no one will come to my rescue. It’s hard to believe that this planet can pass for a M-Class Planet, but I guess the sensors of my ship were already down. I have nothing left but to move out into the desert and search for some sort of means to survive.

Day 1.