Culture Concepts: Xiffen

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Culture Concepts: Xiffen

Postby JVA » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:53 pm

Explore the culture of the Xiffen People

Post concept images, write, discuss etc.

Atop the planet's pole, nestled within a frozen wasteland, is an oasis. This is where the Xiffen live, and they will never leave.

Chemicals in the air provide a unique source of nourishment that eliminates any need for sustenance. With their unique adaptations, they live a life of leisure and mystery.

They draw power from strange stones that give them magic-like powers. ie: though they cannot leave the oasis they may roam the planet as ghostly overseers.

The important question is:

With all of life's basic requirements out of the way, what does one do?


For more info refer to the dev documents............
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